Business City Partnerships is a strategic consulting firm founded by Sam A. Williams to help cities and their business leaders understand the process of forging partnerships like the five cities in his book, The CEO As Urban Statesman, and to create their own unique approach to tackle their biggest problems.


For twenty years, Sam has strategized with Fortune 500/1000 CEOs, civic and government leaders, crafting successful partnerships that have transformed cities. He has a proven reputation for effectively organizing leaders and helping to form successful coalitions. Sam’s experience has addressed more than a dozen major “tipping point” obstacles that have led to effective outcomes.


His firm, Business City Partnerships, offers this strategic expertise and credibility to other city and business leaders, arming them with the tools to tackle their own critical challenges.


Business City Partnerships helps the team identify the tipping point issues where the consequences of not taking action could be severe to the future of the city.


In working with clients, and to assure that missions are on-target and successful, a group of “best practices” is addressed. These operational methods, including the following, have proven to be effective with urban statesmanship:


  1. Define an issue that is at a tipping point
  3. Find the right leader, a sponsoring organization and recruit a balanced task force
  5. Be “invited in” by appropriate authorities to help
  7. Define the mission, scope of work and timeline; determine facts and propose clear action plans
  9. Remain transparent with the public and press


Sam Williams' span of expertise in successful partnerships includes:


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